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locomotive motor mouth

I'm just a Minnesotan girl. I love making music, photography, and art. I'm a show junkie- you can often find my frame in motion at anywhere a band is playing. Ambition is my middle name, and thats a blessing and a curse. I love adventuring, especially on bikes around the city all day and night. Along with music im a clothing addict as well and my style is constantly in flux. Talking i one of those human things that i do alot, maybe i do to much of it but hey- im just saying as i see. I love to make people happy and am the master at chiken enchiladas and back massages. When it comes to the making music part- well i think song breathes a little more life into everyone myself included, i love to have acoustic sessions with people and just create. Some of my favorite days are trips to uptown with those laid back cats and a camera. I love dusk cityscapes, and camping in places you shouldnt camp. I have a job. I also have a tendancy to drone one. But i try to control that.

How do you do?