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Mar. 18th, 2009

I am

obssesed with weight.
i wont stop till im 115.
give me two months ill give you beauty sublime.

Feb. 25th, 2009

Barbed wire!

Todays post is a list.

I actually think that i do want a move.
I need to buy a car. and rather soon.
I'm starting to hope that we do get transferred to california.
I need to go home and spray paint the window and the baby arms.
I spend more and more time each day buried in magazines and little clips from look book.
Im most def. cutting my bangs today.
Summer cant come fast enough.
I wish it were warm enough to run outside
I want to write a childrens book.
And a book of poetry
And an acoustic ep
Im working on every one of those things
I also need to buy a bike- even though every bike i buy gets stolen
My perpich interview is this weekend
I have not liked a guy in a good long while
Im GOING to speak fluent french
I'm GOING to get really really goopd at acoustic guitar
I'm over ambitious.

Todays inspiration: http://feelgoodinc.devote.se/

Feb. 23rd, 2009

Look up.

So, i think i never mentioned- but im on a super intense diet. Its prolly one of the hardest things i have ever done. But if i want something- i'll get it, and in this case i want a hot body. Come may were going to have some celebrating to do.
On that note!, here is some inspiration- not only weight wise, but fashion and just look wise in general.
CREDIT GOES TO: http://gillofilippa.blogg.se/
AND: http://theseams.blogspot.com/
AND: http://lookbook.nu/maggiedot

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Feb. 17th, 2009


The rest of the weekend- because it was three days long.

I did end up going to sundays concert, wouldnt have missed it for the world. It was really great "Weaver at the loom" has an amazingly attractive frontman, as does "Now and forever" i love shows. To me there really is nothing like a sound pulsing through your veins, packed tight in with other people enjoying a universal feeling. I got to talk to Dan for a few minutes, which was sweet- he is so amazingly talented, i wish to god i could sing like that boy does. Shit. im typing this in the public right now and have got to leave this unfinished. Only till tomorrow morning, theres a ton to fill in on. Lets hope i dont forget!

That took way longer than planned to get to. We have some catching up to do. Here goes nothin'. So as previously stated sundays show was amazing. All the artists were heartfelt and genuinley excited to see you at their show. I re fell in love with weaver at the loom, they have such an awe inspiring style. But after that show was over i realized my friend and i had no way home. Shit. We had no other option but to hitchhike- and not even to home, to damn perkins at twelve at night. It was so cold, minnesota!. Presently though, lets see presently. Oh yes. I think, im not sure but i think, my mother is talking to me again. Now this may confuse you. Well she wasnt speaking to me before because i currently have five piercings. Now i personally dont think this is a big deal. In fact im in love with every one of my piercings. She on the other hand regards me as an art school heathen with nothing better to do then shame the family name with my strange prefrences. You win some you lose some.

Which im still trying to get into by the way- the art school that is. I shadowed perpich friday. Its the most spectacular highschool strictly for juniors and seniors who are extremley motivated and innovative in their art area. It was amazing, exactly what i had wanted it to be- in fact it exceeded expectations. The classes were perfect size and very do-able, and the art was all breathtaking. They do dance, music, literature,visual arts and media arts, every area is fantastic. My interview for admission is coming up next weekend and i hope everyone will cross those fingers for me!. Now the rest of my day was spent at yet another show. I dont think im ever dissapointed. This one was amazing because of the intimacy of the show, you really got to talk with each of the bands. I had a great coversation with the men of abandon kansas, and yes- pictures were a staple. They are great people. A portion of the money they make selling merch goes to support third world children. Which reminds me. I support a third world child. You guys should as well- it makes ALL the diffrence in that little kids life. So that was a day well spent. All the bands from last night are going on tour now so i got to see them off.

Aaaand *drum roll please* BOY DRAMA. Give me a break im a sixteen year old girl i had to throw it in. All guys want is sex. Seriously, and i understand because it is amazing. But- its all they want. This is something your told all your life but it never ceases to just royally suck. I dont want just a hook up all the time, though im definitley not beneath it and think that occasional hook ups are just as important as calcium-but, im just to affectionate to be doing it forever and ever. Wheres my muscian?.
I'm convinced hes out there playing somewhere. And when we meet, its going to be like putting puzzle pieces together. I'm a hopeless romantic no matter how much i dont show it in real life.

p.s i make alot of spelling errors

Buck Up, Theyre Coming. - Weaver At The Loom

Feb. 15th, 2009

Can you feel that trigger hand, moving further down your back

I think this is becoming very habitual haha, i have to laugh at myself about it- its way to easy for me to get swept up addicted too something like this.

Today i think was really good. I'm pretty sure later ill do a pause rewind and get to into disecting it though. I feel like im floating right now. I cant really pinpoint myself lately, i cant press my thumb down. I think i was born to be in flux, but the cravings remain the same. I'm rambling now and trying to do it judicially- keep myself at the reigns. So then we were on today. We all know (or maybe we dont) that i am incapable of sleeping in, so today at seven thirty i woke up to a weak and lovely dawn coming in through my curtains- its still bitter and biting cold outside but atleast mother nature decided to put on her face today. I think im starting to over-eat again though which is a concern- i always laugh when i hear people talking about "that little nagging voice" in their heads, but i guess i have my own, if i eat mac and cheese i think about that fact for the rest of the day. Its tiring and its making me concider veganism. After listening to some morning music i took a nice walk and then relaxed at home for a while. I went to see will for the first time since a millenium ago, the one that ive known since grade school. We're so diffrent now from eachother. Whenever im around him im hyper aware of how much ive adjusted. I like the adjustments. Its always a little akward hanging out though, just a tiny bit chaffing- because he doesnt like my choices. To each his own. Then david and will (not childhood will) came and picked me up and we made some choices of our own. Which brings me then to i guess my most recent run in with the opposite sex. Now ive already explained that those of the male gender have no intrest in dating me- some though have no problem with succumbing to the physical with me. Now before you get ahead of yourselves it wasnt a large dramatic thing. it was a few kisses and a lot of atmosphere, you know the kind where you can cut the "i know you want to kiss me" wind with a knife. Oh sweet manial, i should have mentioned i was speaking about not-childhood-will, because david is like the baby brother i never had. In slightly bad news i didnt go to the first concert. I only say slightly bad because the sole reason im upset is because i think i may have hurt theas feelings, and i really love that kid. I'm trying to push that to the back of my head but i wont forget it. I was drive home later and have just been reflecting ever since then. I like thinking. I like using my head- except when its mathmatically. Today was good, tomorrow will be better. live for the moment.

In Fear and Faith - Circa Survive

Feb. 14th, 2009

Valentines day morning

Happy valentines day everyone.
I should be more sad that im valentine-less but im really not
Heres some recent photography- the pictures do get cutt off though because of the layout.

Stella - Ida Maria

The customary first post

Its Minnesota, its cold, its three in the morning, and consequently its the "post your first entry time" too. Probably its going to round out to be just as cliche as any other teen live journal happening. Thats ok. I'm at that fork in the road where you decide what your into- lets see if i can add livejournal to my list.

Introductions introductions then?, Im Sierra- im sixteen. Thats where a lot of people stop reading haha. No but really, im a midwesterner and i do art and music; all that good stuff. I'm really bad at grammer and coherency but i can make a mean chicken enchilada. So far my life is like this "wake up- destroy closet in an effort to find the outfit-go to highschool-live your kind of double but not quite part of your life" And if you stick with this journal youll get to know what all of that means. Very enticing i know "You have won the grand prize!"

Tonights officially today- its a Saturday. Emily and i are chillin out on my floor reading some extra dramatic live journals. "one time i had a dream that i was smoking weed but no matter how much i smoked, i couldnt get high...i hated that dream" that would be emily sprawled out half heartdly and rather sleepy to my right. I should be sleeping right now, getting that rest for tomorrow but i dont think i can- not that im not tired, its just as i get going on something its hard to get em off it till i really feel like im done. Or something close to it. I've got the first concert of the weekend lined up for tomorrow. I'm not really crazy about the bands its more the atmosphere im going for- that only goes for this show though. Sundays, on the other hand- will be a night to remeber, hopefully ill be able to enter it in here as epic, i find myself still debating on wether the fact one of my choice bands lead singer is ungodly attractive is why i went out and bought a new show outfit. Thats right ladies and gentlemen a show outfit. Those two words didnt and shouldnt exist in a sentence ever...until now. Either way though the fates have obviously ordained that unless the opposite sex is extremely hideous or hormone RIDDLED they shall not go for me. Bad luck. ha- maybe because im still in the friday the thirteenth mindset. Also i got the words for my Perpich arts school assignment today, and ive already begun to delve into what it is i want to do, hopefully ill be able to get a picture up of it when its all said and done. Cross your fingers for me because i want to get in more than a pack of wolves wants to make the firs kill of the night. Oh here is the point where im droning on- i obviously need my sleep so ill be off to try to make my first kill of the night.
happy first post.
maybe i'll make this a habit- improve those non-existant writing skills.

Regrets - Julia Nunes