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Barbed wire!

Todays post is a list.

I actually think that i do want a move.
I need to buy a car. and rather soon.
I'm starting to hope that we do get transferred to california.
I need to go home and spray paint the window and the baby arms.
I spend more and more time each day buried in magazines and little clips from look book.
Im most def. cutting my bangs today.
Summer cant come fast enough.
I wish it were warm enough to run outside
I want to write a childrens book.
And a book of poetry
And an acoustic ep
Im working on every one of those things
I also need to buy a bike- even though every bike i buy gets stolen
My perpich interview is this weekend
I have not liked a guy in a good long while
Im GOING to speak fluent french
I'm GOING to get really really goopd at acoustic guitar
I'm over ambitious.

Todays inspiration: http://feelgoodinc.devote.se/